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Disconnecting Waterproofing Systems

The most important part of a homes waterproofing system is the weeping tile, a pipe which directs water away from the foundation wall. Traditionally, a home’s weeping tile will be connected to the city’s sewer system. However, in some cases it is possible to connect this pipe to a sump basin and pump, which will then direct the water to a different suitable location on the property. By disconnecting the weeping tile from the city’s sewer system, a homeowner can substantially reduce their burden on the combined sewers.


This type of home improvement is typically done in conjunction with other repairs to a home’s waterproofing system. Costs vary depending on the availability of suitable locations to re-direct and discharge the wastewater.


Halton – $1,800
Hamilton – $2,000 loan (must be done
in conjunction with a backwater valve)