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Basement Flood Prevention

Innovation in construction happens all the time. However, one of the areas often overlooked is the foundation. Today, energy concerns are changing that. Now there are more choices available when building a new foundation. These choices reflect the fact that homes today can be built better, and homeowners want quality and value from new construction projects.

About the Risks

In Hamilton Wentworth and Halton Regions, much of the old sewer infrastructure is designed to handle both rainwater as well as household wastewater. As a result, these combined sewers struggle to handle the volume of discharge during severe rainstorms. When the sewer becomes overloaded (known as surcharging) there exists a serious risk that excess sewer water will find its way into residential basements through each home’s main sewer line. Surcharging also causes sewer water to overflow into our rivers, streams and lakes. Even without surcharging, rainwater in the sewer system increases the energy used in our wastewater treatment facilities, which increases costs and produces more greenhouse gas emissions.

About the Subsidies

Halton Region and the City of Hamilton have put in place rebate programs to help subsidize the cost of home improvements with a view to reducing this burden on our combined sewer system and reducing the risk of basement flooding. Hamilton’s Program is named the “3P Program” for “Proactive, Protection, Prevention”. Halton’s program is named the “Basement Flooding Prevention Subsidy Program”. Homeowners must apply directly to the city under these programs, which cover:

• Backwater Valves
• Disconnecting Waterproofing Systems
• Disconnecting Downspouts

Get a Qualified Contractor

Basement Specialist is a licensed drain contractor and approved to do work under both programs. If you are considering having Basement Specialist perform one of the renovations or home improvements listed above, please get in touch. We can help facilitate the required assessments, inspections and permits needed prior to beginning work.